Have you ever thought about your contribution to content overwhelm on the internet?


Honestly, this never occurred to me until I listened to the audible book “Brandscaping” by Andrew M. Davis.

I was looking for information and ideas on creative marketing and what I heard was an explosion of ideas. It shifted my thinking towards a new way of doing my own marketing online.

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I’m excited because the concepts explored in this book supported the ideas I was “chewing” on in my head for a while. I heard ideas that gave me direction.

The first “Ah-ha” light bulb moment was the question: Quantity verses Quality. Check out these statistics:


Each minute of every day the following happens: – 204 million emails are sent every minute! – 4 million Google searches are made every minute! – 277,000 tweets are sent each minute! – See more at:


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Then there’s this,  on just WordPress alone …

Users produce about 56.1 million new posts and 68.1 million new comments each month. Check out more WordPres Stats here …


With stats like this no wonder there is information overload! Right? And so the question is – how much are you (and me) contributing to it?

What’s clear to me now is how important quality is and finding ways to visually display it. If I’m doing what everyone else is doing -blogging every day, posting on Facebook every day, sending out emails every day … I’m falling into and contributing to information overload. I become part of those incredible statistics.

Now you might argue, if you don’t do all the above on a daily basis , no one will know who you am! Well, that’s not totally true, not any more in this era of phenomenal marketing changes. In fact, if you focus on quality in the information you share, that will speak louder than robotic quantity.

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Here’re some things to think about when promoting what you do to potential prospects.

  1. Get clear on what you’re about. For me, it’s Affiliate Marketing married to the creative process of marketing. So I focus on this area.
  2. Educate yourself in that area of focus. There are so many bloggers writing about marketing that it’s boring! If you’re interested in online marketing what are you most interested in? It’s not enough to say “I like to help people market their business”. So what. Continuous education on the topic you’re interested in will position yourself as more knowledgeable in that area – and that’s a good thing. Education , books, information products, can feed you ideas that you can morph into your own and give you direction.
  3. There is an audience for everyone. So don’t worry. Perfect who YOU are, your message, keep offering quality not quantity.
  4. Observe what you’re doing. Can you change things? Do you really have to send out daily emails? Blog daily? You know the saying “Less is More”? So less quantity and more quality.
  5. Do you have a visual way to display what you’re about? This will take some exploration. Marketing is all about finding ways to show your uniqueness. Read “Brandscaping” to learn more about how to do this one thing.


So … get to work.

Creativity yours,


PS- Thoughts? Leave a comment .. thanks …

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