Getting Off The Coat Tails To Carve Your Own Path

This month of July, I am in a blogging challenge that offers weekly topics and I LOVE this one.

Week 4 Topic:

Innovation and taking the road less traveled. Did you discover a new direction at any point, how did you expand your pathway to include these new discoveries or did you take a different direction …

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Three points to keep in mind as I discuss …

  1. “Coat Tails” is a term used to describe “something/someone” having a “ride” on/or being affiliated with  someone else’s success.  OR actual Coat Tails on a dress coat.
  2. To generate any personal or business success online or off,, you must establish “WHO you are” and why people should be interested in you.
  3. YOU make your business happen. No one else will.

So. I’ve been online since 1998. A long time and I’ve seen quite a few changes. It wasn’t until 2010 that I created my first blog and new absolutely NOTHING about it or what to do with it.

Social Media just launched around that time – maybe a few years before. I remember trying to connect to people, visiting there websites , sending messages and got no response. Very frustrating.

Then I heard about “Tribes” and joined one that was just starting out created by a couple of guys (names withheld). It started off real good. I made connections instantly! Had people visiting my blog instantly and it was reciprocal ! Maybe after a year or so this tribe fell apart and the people who organized it went their separate ways and the tribe died unfortunately.

However there was one person I really liked and began to follow them closely. I signed-up for their programs and joined their groups. They were always creating new programs and groups based on their personal learning experiences. I followed them for about 5 years and even did some work for them.

I got to a point though, as I thought we had developed a friendship, I was also a “customer” and they would market to me to sign-up for whatever program they were promoting at the time. This bothered me because I realized I wasn’t a friend at all – just another potential prospect to make them money.

This was my first awakening of riding on someone’s “Coat Tails”. I really liked them and learned a lot,but didn’t like how I was treated,  Many connections I made online were through their’s and I made a huge decision where I disconnected myself from them completely.


  • I wanted to see what I could achieve on my own without being associated first with this person
  • I wanted to take what I learned from him and implement on my own
  • I wanted to create my own following
  • I wanted to find out “WHO” I was, on my own because I was too connected with this person.
  • I started to feel like a “Groupie”

So. I choose a different path to travel  – my own, not someone else’s. I follow my own set of rules which have helped me greatly I think in connecting with other people online:

  1. Always treat people with respect
  2. Always have integrity
  3. NEVER treat people as prospects
  4. Always honor who they are and their circumstances
  5. Adults make up their own minds
  6. Always appreciate people
  7. Always share what I know, or don’t know
  8. Always aim to inspire and motivate
  9. Be me – never try to be like someone else. Cultivate, change, and grow me

It’s not easy to let go of something that has helped you, inspired you, helped to morph you into who you are now. Perhaps getting to the point where I became more aware of what I didn’t want (always a good guide to discovering what you don’t want to create new opportunities in your life).

It was a “growth spurt”and was time to discover what I could do on my own. I don’t regret it. It’s been uncomfortable at times moving out of my comfort zone – but worth it because the benefits are rich, log lasting and forever giving.

So what do you think? And if you’d like to participate in this awesome blogging challenge.. you can find out more by clicking on this banner …

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