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Going from “A” to “Z”. How do you get there? Planning your destiny is tricky because the biggest pothole is … yourself.


In January of this year, 2015, I created a “One Page Plan For 2015”. The idea I got from Robin Sharma. I thought it was good because I could look at it often and see what I had planned for myself for the year (Get YOUR One Page Plan)

I broke up the year into 4 sections, then subdivided them into 3 month sections. Within each section there was a goal to complete.

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Well we’re now in Summertime, September is just around the corner, and the sections I created are empty.


I didn’t stick to my plan or even give it a chance.

Looking at it today it’s totally, TOTALLY, unrealistic!

I wanted to double my income by the end of the year.

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I wanted to generate $5,000 in one month.

I wanted to visit this castle and walk the bridge in Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall.

My Dream Castle

Beautiful, right?

On a personal level, in January I was not a happy person. Home life was challenging, hours at work were cut, so I was focusing on how things were not going right and my “A – Z” course of action collected dust instead.

Lesson #1

Having a lofty goal, is a good thing because it serves as a compass to direct your actions towards it. However straying from it and allowing situations  you can’t control to fill your mind daily is not a good thing and can disrupt your plans. Keep the plans and always come back to them no matter the circumstance.

Lesson #2

It’s the present moment that really counts. Not the memories of yesterday and years before. I was able to “let go” of some really emotionally painful memories that had my self-worth tied to them. When I realized that it was just a situation that happened and at this moment I am really a good person. That was then, this is now …

Most of what we believe about ourselves we’ve made up based on external situations and what others have said about us over time. It must be true, right? Wrong, very wrong. Because in my heart I knew I was a valuable person.

Follow the Map

This is what I grabbed on to – what’s RIGHT with me. I focused on what is good and rose above the negativity.

When it comes to building a business online or off, you really have to get your head straight and conquer all the negativity within yourself  to learn new ways, new skills, new perspectives for yourself to move forward.

Lesson #3

I sought out a Counselor, a Mentor, who had a worse childhood than me, and they  turn my head around. Amazing things happen when you have a Mentor – it’s magical. Why? Because they believe in you. They honor your dreams and understand your struggles. We all need someone like that today

Lesson #4

Go from “A – B”. Make your plans realistic. I would have had more success if I made my goals reachable. This is what I suggest to everyone I Mentor individually. It’s the small steps that will yield the most rewards and quickly.

In closing, we live in an era of “Instant Gratification” and it’s become a social problem I think. So much so, that it filters in to our lives wanting everything to happen “right now”. Again, when it comes to planning your life goals, business, relationships … it all takes time. So slow down and create realistic and achievable goals.

I’m creating a new “One Page Monthly Plan” with a new end of year goal to work towards. I’ll keep you posted.

Creatively yours,

Lesly Federici





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