Guys Let’s Conquer This

Alright, guys lets conquer this …  your seemingly inability to be resourceful.

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You LOVE or hate content creation for your blog. But you might be making it easy or difficult depending on what you believe you can do.

Surely you learned how to walk, how to ride a bicycle (maybe, may not), and most likely you learned how to write “term” papers in college, or not, even how to drive a car!

So when it comes to writing content for your blog, and I know – I’ve said this too “What will I write?”

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Or this …

“I can’t write about that .. I don’t know anything about it …!”


The truth is, you have learned many things in your lifetime, you just haven’t viewed yourself as a learner and a natural teacher. We ALL have this ability.

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Think about something you learned and taught to someone else. Heck, maybe it was showing someone at work how to use to electric pencil sharpener, or Fax machine…. you didn’t worry about it – you just did it!

You learned it! You taught it! I bet when you started that job (or whatever it was) you had to learn how to use those items …

So now that we know how CAPABLE you are ….

What’s the hang-up about writing content for your blog?

Here’s what you do

Rely on your interests. Maybe you have an interest in collecting seashells. Maybe you have a small collection. You love to walk the beach and collect really pretty ones. That’s your starting point. Now go research and learn about it. If you do, you’ll have INSTANT content, and you will have increased your knowledge and online “position” to teach others about collecting seashells.

Research. Research your topic, your interest, learn, learn, learn. Then teach, teach, teach.

This is being resourceful. Finding out what you need to know. Most people won’t do this so you’re already ahead.

But there’s something else holding you back. Because you ALREADY KNOW you’re capable of being resourceful.

Do you know what it is?

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Confidence …

Just the other day I had someone say to me – because they had more confidence they asked me for an interview …

How do you build confidence? By starting. Yes, just by starting .. simply because as human beings we all learn through doing.

Oh boy, well … the poor guy burned down all the trees outside his home by being curious and discovering what this bright, hot, yellow stuff could do.  But I bet he learned a great deal. Perhaps became the “Fire Master” of his tribe because he learned what fire could do and knew more than the tribe ….

So my message here is this …

Why go against your natural instinct to be curious to learn. Why not explore what your interests are, what you don’t know about them, and become knowledgeable about it, them share what you know.

Just start …

With love,


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