How Following Can Screw You


How following can screw you in the most subtle of ways. Let me explain.


I’m going to share with you, as an Affiliate Marketer, an experience I recently had. And it’s a good one because I learned from it. And this is what I absolutely love about Affiliate Marketing or any other subject or industry because – you have to experience it to understand it and one other thing, which I’ll share  as I go along.

I knew there was more to Affiliate Marketing than just slapping a product image on my website and dreaming that thousands would come to my blog and click on my affiliate links – WRONG!  If you’re doing that, stop!

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I needed more info. I really wanted to dive deep into Affiliate Marketing and get the inside scoop and start implementing what ever I learned.

So somehow I got involved in a group somewhere on the internet (I will not say where – that would be unprofessional) and the facilitators of this group are well known and very successful at affiliate marketing – and SMART in leveraging group members.

They promote a system they use and directed all the group members to use it. Very simple:

  • Buy the product (a must to promote)
  • Become an affiliate of the product
  • direct them to a webinar reviewing the product with your affiliate link in the webinar offer
  • Move on to the next product launch to build momentum
  • Do this weekly with a product they promote


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Now here’s where I think they’re smart… If the members of this group (there are quite a few) purchase the product through the Group  Leader’s affiliate link, they’re making money generated by the members, right?

There’s another group where the Group Leader is doing the same thing. So this is just an example of another marketing strategy (or is it?)  to generate income fast through group members. I’m not sure I agree with this method … but these guys are making thousands and people following them want to know their marketing strategies. And for me, it’s been quite revealing … what an education!

This could be a good sales strategy if done ethically and in a transparent way…


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So, I followed the steps which meant I had to set up my own capture page linking to the pre-recorded webinar. Fine. So I get everything set, connecting the links to lead my potential customers and the offer did not show up on the webinar which was supposed to.

Now the launch I was working on was only for a few days, that’s it. A couple of days passed and I checked my stats and there was a big-fat-zero. So something I had set up was not working right.

Noticed I said ” something I did ….” and usually that’s the case. Either I didn’t listen to directions, follow instructions, or set the pages up wrong, it wasn’t working.

So rather complain to the group, I thought screw it, took initiative and did my own thing. As a result I generated traffic and sales.

So here’s what I learned:


  • learn the ideas, the strategies from others
  • listen carefully then morph them into YOUR way of doing things
  • Don’t worry if it’s correct, the only way you’ll know is when you see results
  • Make mistakes! That’s how you learn! You’ll do it better the next time, right?
  • Do it again, and again, you’ll only get better at it
  • Be you, it never works when you try to be like others


My mind is really swirling digesting all this. Right now I separated myself from these groups because the hype, the buzz, the “gotta have it” energy was causing an Adrenalin rush in my body .. and it wasn’t comfortable.. I rather “unravel to Success than be like Disney’s “Tanzanian Devil”.

So, following can be good, just depends on which pool you want to swim in. Right?


Creativity yours,

Lesly Federici





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