Let The Morphing Begin

Was there ever a time you felt you wanted to be better than you were at that moment? Of course .. it’s human nature.

But what kept you from taking the action, doing that “thing” to move you forward?

Like you, I’ve been challenged in one way or another throughout my life. Over the years I’ve had to break away from old “beliefs” that kept me stuck and just settling in to what was happening at the time. No more because I’m older and much wiser about – myself.

Here’s how I see the dissection of aging .. (these break-downs are based on my personal experience, so the numbers may vary):

  • Birth – 21 (growing up years, mindset still in the realm of “kid” thinking and doing stupid stuff, for some. Partying, etc. Still under the grips of parents and easily influenced by them and peers)
  • 21 – 36 (initiating careers, maybe marriage and starting a family, maybe being responsible for parents and their care, locking in to career direction)
  • 37 – 50 ( Feeling unsatisfied with life, changing careers, being fired or layed off, dealing with life challenges, realizing the aging process, potential heath problems)
  • 51 – ? (retirement, what to do next questions and exploration, uncertainty about the future, Β empty nest syndrome, increased potential health problems, caring for parents

So what’s this have to do with becoming a better version of “you”? Lots. Most likely from birth to about the 40’s, let’s say, you’re under the thumb of parents and peer pressure. Being able to abandon their influences never happen or begin to happen.

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What’s interesting is we develop “habits” of behavior over the years, and ways we think about ourselves as a result of these influences. It’s not until we start to question why we do what we do, or don’t do. Or why we didn’t go to school to be a writer instead of being a doctor (something your parents thought would be good for you to do).

There are so many people wishing their lives had taken a different path.


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I think you can!

But, it takes a willingness to open your mind to explore the possibilities of change. Think about it .. most everything we do is the way we have always done it – and it’s learned through the years. So like Tony Robbins ays, your behavior is a “habit”.

Watch the video below. I have Kathryn Maclean to thank for sharing this because I believe this to be true. You don’t have to be what you’ve always been – you can morph yourself into something new.

Here’s the way to break your behavior habit:

  1. Accept where you are now and work with what you have
  2. Acknowledge how you’ve been repeating your behavior habit
  3. Learn something new, or that “thing” you’ve always wanted to do
  4. You CAN learn new tricks
  5. DO it! Avoid sitting around and thinking about it. Get off your ___ Β and do something about it!
  6. You are NOT what others think you are. Cultivate YOU! You’re an original.
  7. 6. Keep a journal of your progress
  8. 7. Celebrate you

You can do it! I’ve never felt more free to be myself now than all the years before me. At 61 I love my life and what I’m morphing into.

Lesly Federici





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