Mundane To Success

Once upon a time I was in a a Direct Selling business.

It was a heath and wellness company. The products were/are excellent, but I just couldn’t get the hang of selling to people and doing house parties.

I tried. And … yech .. hated it.

Then I came online and like most people on the internet, I got involved with an online program. Sounded good, I liked the product. But my sponsor nice in the beginning soon disappeared – leaving me to figure out how to build a team/downline or promote the product.

Like so many MLMs, Network and Internet Marketing it’s grab potential members and run to the next one. It’s talk about the money first (which is very often, if not all the time, inflated). So it’s no wonder that people give up, quit, get depressed because nothing’s happening.

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What I’ve come to understand is very, very important because this little, 7 letter word, holds the key to being successful or not, in any kind of business or career…

I’ll tell you the word in a second ….

When I was in Nursing School one task I had to learn was to start IVs on patients. I had to insert a needle into a patient’s arm, secure it, and attach tubing to it which was connected to a bag of fluid. I had a tough time at first. I was so nervous. I can’t do this – I thought.

I had a good teacher though, who was a “pro” at this and helped me to develop my confidence to do it and do it well. With practice I got really good at starting IVs and patients would tell me they didn’t feel a thing. THAT was a great compliment!

Did it take time? Yes. Did I screw up at times? Yep (thank goodness we used fake, rubber arms to practice on). But practice was the key to becoming successful and perfecting this task.

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I wasn’t good at selling with my MLM, but I was/am good at helping people (the Nurse mindset). Not everyone is good at everything and I’m always learning a new skill, most likely you are as well being online. But here’s where this one word has a profound effect on what we do and why we may give up.

Because we get impatient, bored, and hop from one thing to another that interests us , MLM to MLM for example is because we don’t want to do the … ready?

  • Oh I don’t want to call this person ..
  • I don’t want to go to the meeting or weekly hangout
  • I don’t need to practice, I know it all ..
  • I don’t need to learn how to communicate with a potential client

And so on …

We don’t want to commit to ONE thing and master it. ..Β 

The fact is we really do need to do the mundane… the stuff that makes us crazy and want to walk away from. Every career, doctor, lawyer, Indian chief learn and do the mundane to become the professionals that they become. The saying goes like this …

Jack of all trades and master of none

It’s never been more true with network/internet marketing because..

  1. Poor leadership
  2. Lack of support
  3. No mentor, guidance
  4. No easy duplication for immediate Β success


So here’s what I think about all this. You have to get your head straight first before you take on the world. Simply because we’re not good at everything. When it comes to Network/Internet Marketing it requires skills you may not be comfortable with – like talking with people, follow-up, and building relationships. And yet that is the essence that will make you successful at it.

Most people go straight for the “jugular” “Hey, let me show you my product and the compensation plan …” bla bla bla. And what happens to the potential customer? They RUN. Not a good strategy.

Follow the Map

Learning new skills, how to “court” your prospect, how to ask the right questions, how to discuss the benefits of a product or service, how to let THEM make the decision to buy, are all skills to learn.

Taking the time to learn them will enhance you success and you know why? Because a lot of marketers don’t take the time to do so.

Study the mundane. Stay focused on one thing and get good at it.

Creatively yours

Lesly Federici





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