This One Simple Thing Can Part The Waves And Move Mountains

How could one thing possibly part the waves in building, developing relationships or “Alliances”?

This week, the topic is about building “Alliances” with others  … in the PAC Blogging Carnival

Developing alliances and friendships with other bloggers, being honest in your dealings and information and providing real, honest value to your readers – how did you achieve these things?


PAC Blogging Carnival

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I didn’t know then the power of encouraging words when I was in college and how they infused me with a “Can Do” attitude to succeed.

I had just transferred from a community college to a four year one and scholastic expectations were greater, more demanding, with more papers to write and intense exams.

Dr. Hildreth York was my college advisor. I respected her tremendously for her knowledge, wisdom, talent as an artist, and ability to embrace her students with respect and kindness.

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Most college professors from what I’ve experienced in the past are stuffy, and full of themselves. As the actor Clint Eastwood wood say ….

Ha ha … yes indeed, but not Dr. York. She taught me how just saying “You’re doing a great job” could fuel my productivity for weeks. And, not just doing the work and getting it done, but doing GOOD work, going beyond what was expected.

I also remember how good it felt that my professor saw my potential more than I did. Because we are own worst critic, we don’t see clearly our greatness. That’s why surrounding yourself with people who really support and believe in you is vital. What they can do for you is what you can also do for others.

That’s what I try to do. People may let me down, I may let others down, but I always appreciate them. And this is the one thing that can part the waves, move mountains, and  create alliances with others appreciation/

So should you be reading this, let me just say thank you for doing so. I hope the friends I’ve made online and off  know how much I appreciate them.

Here’s a video I made in 2008, enjoy ..


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