In Praise of Service


Dr. Erica Goodstone:
” Lesly Federici is a visual artist with a true artist’s perspective on creating, building and sustaining your business.  She created Our Power Blogging Tribe to bring like-minded entrepreneurs together to share, inspire and assist each other to pursue our own unique goals.

With her charming, humorous and welcoming style, Lesly invites each of us to stay focused on our intentions, to value our own worth and to share our unique messages with the world.  Without pressure or judgment, Lesly’s gentle leadership prompts us to finally tackle those miniscule tasks that may have held us back for months or even years.  And as we handle the small stuff, we allow the space for our creative juices to start flowing.  When we create something such as a blog post, an article, a video or another product, due to Lesly’s influence, the group members naturally spread the word about what we have created.

If one of us is struggling with a technology or self-esteem issue, the group members will rally to provide support.  As a childbirth educator and highly skilled nurse practitioner, Lesly has a deep understanding of human potential which is obvious when we see the progress made by group members within just a few weeks.  When Lesly sets up a course or a program, you can rest assured that it will be well thought out, well worth your time, and you will feel as if you are making effortless progress.  Lesly embodies what it means to be a teacher, mentor and friend.”


Erika Mobeyk:
“Lesly Thank you very much for you help with my problems on my Blog and setting up the Auto responder. I am truly grateful for your help .I like your patience and feel that you really like to share you knowledge .I appreciate what you do for our Power Blogging tribe and all the members very much . I am grateful to have you as a friend Love Erika”

Helene Martin:
When i met Lesly Federici i was looking for a way to learn how to make money online So i met her in the mastermind session we have for a period of 7 weeks.
She’s a really good Leader. I learn little bye little the way to connect with people on the internet. She become my friend . She gave me the energy to keep going bye her perseverance and committeemen. she is with us every week and lead the mastermind group. She’s an example” 


 Jacs Henderson:


Mandy Allen:
 ” I have been working online for over 6 years now.  I first met Lesly through a sharing forum and got to know her much better when she attended an online training program I ran on ‘training for trainers’.

Lesly was extremely active in this group, very supportive to all the participants, and came along with a wealth of knowledge which she willingly shared with everyone else.

Lesly has a flexibility of approach to individuals and situations and is a person with varied and considerable skills, and is a great mentor for anyone wishing to move their business forward.

I can’t stress enough the enormity of her generosity of time, energy and spirit, and anyone undertaking her training course will benefit from being able to work alongside Lesly.

Lesly is clear thinking, sensitive and trustworthy, and she has a level-headed and sympathetic approach which leads to an honest appraisal you may struggle to find on other coaching program.

If I was starting out online now I would pick Lesly as my mentor!”


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