The Truth About Time

Time is a perception we distort and we’re not even aware of it.

I started asking myself this when I would feel like there was so much to do and not enough hours in the day to get things done.

Here it is – time is a perception, it’s not real. The meaning of time is what you place on it.

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But here’s the reality.

If you believe that the only real moment in life is – right now as you’re reading this with 100% attention, you just might understand what I’m about to discuss.

First, let’s consider our “thoughts” and how we think. How many times have you swirled around in your head all the things you had to do in one day, in a week, a month?

Recently my husband had hip surgery and I worried about so many things: How would I take care of him, the dog, go shopping, and so on (all while sitting in a chair).

When the day came for the surgery I rolled up my sleeves expecting to have some kind of challenge, and I have to say – nothing scary or worrisome happened. It was, for the most part a “breeze” (and I say that lightly). This experience was …

nothing like I thought it would be ….

Reality is NOTHING like what we imagine – nothing.

Here’s another example. I teach Childbirth Education to expectant couples at a local hospital. They are more worried and focused on how long and painful labor will be. They have an image in their minds that a labor contraction lasts hours. When in reality it only lasts about 2 minutes tops, as the longest and if that, they’re close to having their baby.

So I do an exercise of timing a contraction and having them move around, walk, etc. Then I have them guess how many seconds it was.

I am always amazed at the response .. “Wow, that was short … “.

The point is – we distort time…

So, this happens to us all the time. We give way more significance to out thinking than what reality is. Is this a kind of living conscious “dream” state?

T. Have Eker says “We need to do less thinking and more doing …”

Second, “doing” is tangible. It yields results.

So if you’re online building a business what actions are you taking to yield results?

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Now, one sure way that works to raise your awareness about this, thinking verses doing ..Β is using a timer. Yep. You will get more stuff done in reality, yielding results, than just thinking your way through the day and mot accomplishing much .

Toss these ideas around, then take some action.

Creatively yours,

Lesly Federici




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