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When I think of all the money I’ve spent as an Affiliate Marketer, and training programs, not to mention the MLMs I’ve invested in … it’s been hundreds.

Some MLMs ranged from a shy $50.00/month to more. And I invested thinking that something would click and I’d start seeing the cash rolling in. Not so.

I’m only in one MLM now, the one that IS earning income for me – so why toss it, right?

And then here comes Traffic Monsoon.

Your Course with Lesly

So, I’m always looking for traffic, “eyeballs” to visit and read my posts. I bet you are too. It’s the nature of being a blogger and online. Traffic is traffic online or offline – you want “eyeballs” looking at your stuff. Yet I din’t want to pay for traffic and get nothing in return and spend more money, more, more .. …

Traffic Monsoon is a free Global AD and traffic  generating company/website that pays you to:

  1. look at ADs
  2. share company profits

. It’s only been online for a year (since October 15, 2014) and I haven’t seen anything like this OR seen the results members are having by participating – I am starting to see the results now in earned income.

If you  

  •  hate recruiting
  • hate being asked how much money you make in your current op
  • hate the hype about getting leads and feeling pressured to buy them for your MLM
  • want to find something that will supplement your income, and quite possibly BE the income that supports you and your family, take a look at Traffic Monsoon.

Here is what I’ve been doing and very soon I’ll be able to cash out into Pay Pal meaningful ddollars

  1. you make the most money from buying an AD PACK for $50.00. Each AD PACK = $1.00  or more depending on the company’s Global sales
  2. you also make money from the free “CASH LINKS”
  3. you make money from your referrals
  4. you get  10% omission from what your referrals purchase
  5. you get your money back at the end of the month plus #5.00
  6. IMPORTANT – you have to surf 10 ADs a day within 24 hours to keep an ACTIVE account. No matter if they look the same, or you see the same AD over and over again 

Alright.. I joined in August, 2015 and didn’t start taking it seriously until September 17, when I bought my first AD Pack. I realized because I bought one, everyday I automatically earned a dollar plus what I earned from clicking on the free Cash Links.

Landing Page Builder

The more AD Packs I bought, the more money I would earn in a day. Naturally if I earned $50.00 I could re-invest those earnings and buy more AD Packs and never have to pull money from my personal accounts.

The more AD Packs you buy, the faster you earn, and the faster you can buy more AD Packs. Right now it’s paying for itself and very soon, as I already mentioned, I’ll be cashing out soon.

So there are 7 days in a week

  • 1 AD Pack = $1.00/day. Cost: $50.00 out of your wallet. (this will take several days to earn $50.00, click on the Cash Links daily to accrue more money)
  • 4 AD Packs  = $4.00/day. Cost: 200.00 out of your wallet. (4 x 7 = $28.00) You could use half from your wallet and this amount you earned to purchase another AD Pack. Now it’s just starting to pay for itself

Traffic Monsoon

But “I don’t have $50.00”

Sure you do. Somewhere you are wasting money on something that you can put towards building a financial future instead of struggling.

But “I don’t have the time to surf 10 ADS a day or click on links”

Sure you do. Effort is the key to this. NOTHING comes without effort – your choice.

 My initial investment to get this rolling was $450.00

Did I invest (and this is an investment in my future and my family’s) ALL that money at one time? Of course not!

Little by little I saved and invested and now I earn enough to keep reinvesting. The more I re-invest the more I make and very soon will be cashing some of it out to Pay Pal. Imagine earning $20.00/day (20 AD Packs),  20 x 7 = $140.00 x 4 = $560.00 a month. Are you seeing how this works?

And each AD Pack comes with 1000 credits, “eyeballs” to the website/opportunity of your choice. It’s a win/win

  • 10 AD Packs = $10.00/day. Cost: $500.00. Maybe some from your wallet, and some re-invested, right?
  • $10.00 x 5 = $50.00 (Monday – Friday). $10.00 x 2 (Saturday and Sunday)= $20.00, cash out? Or, save to reinvest.

AD Pack

As of today, I am up to 13 AD Packs and will be reinvesting more to reach a couple of hundred dollars a week and then I’ll start to cash out and save to my bank account.

Watch this video. It’s Charles Scoville who created this platform and what he has to say, and the stories he share…


Now, I’m sharing this because it’s something that works, I don’t need you to sign-up with me. I just want you to see the possibilities here – can you see it?

Enthusiastically yours,

Lesly Federici





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