When the Rug Gets Pulled Out

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When the “rug” gets pulled out from you you’re standing on a bare floor. You can either look at this as “I’m screwed” or an opportunity to create something new.

Yea, this happened to me recently. I’ve been with a networking company for a couple of years now. Paying a steep monthly fee in exchange for some really awesome programs. Such as a complete blogging platform, and the ability to create Landing Pages. Excellent quality, easy to use and worth the investment.

There were/are two levels. The basic membership which the membership fee was far less gave these members the ability to have a blog, completely hosted, completely set-up which included excellent plugins, select themes to choose from,  all “done-for-you” for the member. All they had to do is add content.

So I saw this as a great opportunity to promote this program to people who want a blog to promote their business but didn’t have the finances to own their own blog, purchase plugins because it adds up.  One client of mine was using this platform and was very happy with it. It was a win/win. They had one affordable monthly fee and I received a commission for my clients membership.

One day there’s a message on my client’s blog that their blog would no longer be available at their level of membership. It would only be available to the higher-end membership level. Boy were they annoyed .. and so was I. Just like that. POOF!

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I guess it all depends on how you look at this. My client is a complete “newbie” and now I had to switch them to owning their website ( the best solution in the long run) and choosing a theme, setting it up, much of which they didn’t understand. They were not at this level – yet. The membership blog platform gave them a somewhat stress free  introduction to blogging basics , and be comfortable with for some time. Sometime became short lived and that was that.

My plans for building my business with this company had the sole purpose of using this blog platform to help, teach, and guide “Newbies” into the blogging arena was tossed. KA- BOOM! DONE!

I think what bugs me the most about this change is this company just wants to increase the amount of money they make, toss the “little guy”. They claimed to want to “change people’s lives” but not help the population that’s is 90 – 95 % struggling – which they could help if they left the blogging platform as is.

Anyway, one door closes another opens. So, I’m going to redesign my business and focus on those who really want to come online and change their lives by generating income online and creating a blog – a virtual “home” online – that’s dependable and not connected with a network marketing company.

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It’s all good.

When “curve balls” happen in life, I find the following helps to re-energize

  • Be reflective. I think things happen for a reason. Is there a message and what is it ..
  • Lay Low, but don’t disappear, especially online – out of sight = out of mind
  • Write down what you truly care about
  • With all the tools you have, how can you implement your ideas
  • Stay true, be honest
  • Go with the flow… can’t change it .. so ride it out, observe what you CAN do
  • Listen to pumped up music to get your mojo going
  • Be grateful, storms come and go, know this will pass and better experiences are on the way
  • And most of all, focus on what’s going right .

Lesly Federici





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