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At 16 years of age I thought I knew where I was headed. Oh boy so wrong. I was going to be the next “Picasso” and can still remember the conversation I had with an elder at the time …

“I’m going to be a great artist ..” I said proudly. Yet what happened next was a decision that would make life for me a tad more challenging – I quit high school.

I was Β now known as the “drop out”. Of course my family was unhappy with this … but teenagers have such a stubborn, independent mindset that drives parents and most adults – crazy, right?

So for years I carried this unwelcomed social title around – even though I created it by the decision I made/

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I got to a point where I was tired of people feeling sorry for me, wondering if I would amount to anything. Here’s the funny thing – most adults, including my mother knew i WOULD amount to something … I just didn’t believe it.

I was creating my own negative story ….

Years later after I goofed off long enough, I decided to return to school and get my G.E.D. Was I scared! The goal was to go to college and get a BA in something … lol

To prepare I had a counselor and if it weren’t for her support and guidance I most likely would have given up because of my lack of confidence.

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I was in my late twenties when I transferred from a community college to a 4 year institution. It was going to be more demanding, late nights writing term papers, and running from class to class.

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My major was Museum Studies and Art History. The Museum Studies was a specialized one and once again I was placed with a college/program counselor, Dr. Hildreth York. This person changed my life simply because she believed in me. She raised the level of what I expected from myself and I didn’t want to let her down.

I began to create a new story about myself, I was confident, more self-assured, and could do and complete successfully what I set out to do …

I graduated with college honors, was #4 in graduating class rank, and I had created a new life story.

So. Where's the REAL Wealth-

You see, throughout our lives, we never do anything completely on our own – unless you’re a hermit. Most of us are not. We are subjected to daily opinions, advice good or bad, and social labels that influence our lives. So we begin to believe what others think of us…. and the story we start to tell is manufactured from all of this forming a distorted sense of self.

But when someone comes along who believes in you more than you do yourself, gets you to raise your own self-awareness of your full potential while cheering you on .. magic happens…

It’s the same in anything you do, relationships, career building, building a business. There will always be naysayers. Those you want to hang out with are those that share your ideas, hopes, and dreams. And then there will always, always, always be someone standing in your corner 100% guiding you and cheering you on.

That’s where the real wealth is – in you. You can not build your online business alone…

Attract someone into your life who will stimulate changes in your mindset, raise your awareness of your own, gifted potential, set you on fire to accomplish great things because now you’ll know you can ….

I believe in you! Β And should you ever need someone to raise your spirits and say “Oh, yes you can.. ” I am here. Because I fully believe, no matter what’s going on in your life, a strong mindset believing in your potential will always guide you ….

Creatively Yours,

Lesly Federici





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