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I’ve seen a lot of people build businesses online – or attempt to, only to see them switch to something else. It’s starting over. Again and again. I’ve done this too.

I’ve had to rein myself in and accept this fact: it wasn’t the program that failed, it was me. I didn’t put in the effort because I was looking for quick solutions to earning income online.

So many people are doing the same thing, spinning their wheels and getting nowhere. You have to focus on one thing and stick with it …

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Why hop from one thing to another? There is NO quickie out here on the internet.

Most people want Instant gratification. They want results fast. I mean split second fast.

Forget it!

So what happens?

It’s down right BORING to stick to one thing and yet that’s where the results lie.



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Giving it your best shot, will make things happen – no matter what you’re doing online. It’s constant effort – day in and day out, reaching out to others and building relationships.

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So endurance is the ability to keep doing something that is difficult over a period of time. Building a business online is difficult. But the rewards come when you stick with it, master it – you’ll see …

Now. Let’s get to work, because most people won’t endure, but you will and you’ll shine …

Lesly Federici




PS: Here’s reasons why I focus on this


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